Simple, fair charges.

We are able to process Mobile Payments, Local and International Card Payments and Direct to Bank Payments.

per GHS/USD/GBP transaction

No upfront fees

Recieve payments in 20 mins

Get paid from all over the world

Mobile Money

per Payment.

Transfers at 0.5%.

No upfront fee

Supports all networks

Recieve payments in 20 mins

Channels Of Payment Collections.


We have created a simple, secure, and easy-to-use platform for managing your mobile money transactions.


We enable you to move money seamlessly from your dashboard or our API to any bank account in Ghana.


Use Junipay to collect your receipts from all cards globally.

How it's done.

Junipay is a one-size-fits-all collection solution for businesses. Based on your specific use case, we support collections from your customers with our various service offerings.
These include the following:

Payment link

This link can be sent to your payee through social media apps like Whatsapp and can be placed on business pages on Instagram......

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Payment Form

The Junipayment Form provides a simple and convenient payment flow for web....

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Integrate with the simple, user-friendly JuniPay API in less than 30 minutes and start collecting your money in-app.....

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The Collections API allows you to easily receive money with your integration.......

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

How long do payouts take?

Once you’re set up, payouts arrive in your bank account on a 3-day rolling basis. Or you can opt to receive payouts weekly or monthly.

How much do disputes cost?

Disputed payments (Chargebacks) incur a GHS 15.00 fee. If the customer’s bank resolves the dispute in your favor, the fee is fully refunded.

How do refunds work?

You can issue either partial or full refunds. There are no fees to refund a charge, but the fees from the original charge are not returned.

How much does it cost to integrate JuniPay?

JuniPay is 100% free to integrate and to begin accepting payments.